A simple remedy for getting deep sleep



Water200 ml
Arjuna bark powder5 g
Cumin powder5 g


  •  Take the right amount of ingredients given first.
  • Then take 200 ml of water in a bowl and heat it moderately.
  • Also, add equal amounts of arjuna bark powder and cumin powder to this water.
  • Also, let this water boil until it reaches 100 ml.
  • Then filter this water and take it in another container.
  • If you drink this water two hours before going to sleep you will get deep sleep.
  • And this drug does not cause any side effects.

Benefits of drinking this water:

1) Can get rid of stress.

2) Eliminates blockages in the heart.

3) Dissolves unwanted fat easily.

Arjuna bark powder
Cumin powder
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