An amazing herbal medicine to prevent hemorrhoids


Aloe vera(Interior)5 g
Indian MallowRequired amount
Gooseberry scrambled10 g
Ink nut powder10 g
Palm jaggeryRequired amount


  • You must first take the correct quantity of the items given.

  • Then take the required amount of palm jaggery in a pan and add a little water to it in a light saucepan and boil.

  • Also add two ingredients such as indian mallow paste and gooseberry scramble and mix well with water.

  • Then should also be added to the aloe vera with water.

  • Then add the remaining ink nut powder and mix well.

  • If you eat half a teaspoon in the morning and at night, you will get rid of the disease.

Palm jaggery
Ink nut
Indian Mallow
Aloe vera
Gooseberry scrambled
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