An herbal medicine that helps keep the lungs healthy and strong


Coriander seeds 50 g
Black pepper 25 g
Dry ginger Little bit
Turmeric powder Little bit
Water 400 ml
Basil leaf 8 Counts
Camphor leaf 3 Counts
Ginger Small piece


  •  Make sure you take the right items first.
  • Then take the coriander and pepper separately and fry in moderate heat.
  • Then add the dry ginger and a little bit of turmeric powder to the fried ingredients and grind well.
  • Store the milled items in a glass jar.
  • Then take 400 ml water in a pan and bring to a boil over medium heat.
  • Add one and a half teaspoons of  grinded ingredients with water.
  • Add basil leaves, camphor leaf and ginger to the water and boil as well.
  • Then filter this water and take it in another container.
  • If you drink this water once a day, your lungs will be healthy and strong.
Dry ginger
Black pepper
Turmeric powder
Basil leaf
Corainder seeds
Camphor leaf
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