Women no longer need to worry about the belly fat!


Drumstick leavesA handle
Water150 ml
Small onion

50 g

Garlic50 g
Pepper powder20 g
Dry ginger powderLittle bit
SaltRequired amount 
Cumin5 g
Good oilRequired amount 


  • You must first take the correct quantity of the items given.
  • Then the greens should be dried in sunlight and grind in a grind stone and stored in a pan.
  • Then take a required amount of good oil in a pan and heat it in a moderate heat.
  • Add the cumin and finely chopped onions and lightly fry them.
  • Also add chopped garlic to it.
  • Add enough salt, a pinch of dry ginger powder and 5 grams of pepper powder.
  • Then add 150 ml water.
  • Finally add two tablespoons of drumsticks leaves powder and boil it well.
  • Now the medicine is ready for the cure of woman belly fat.
  • Drinking it twice a week will completely eliminate the belly.
Pepper powder
Cumin powder
Good oil
Drumstick leaves
Dry ginger powder
Small onion
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